GEMÜ digital – Virtual company tour

GEMÜ digital – Virtual company tour

A guided tour around a modern production facility? Where you can become more familiar with GEMÜ and have a conversation with partners? That's almost inconceivable in the times we're currently living in. Yet you can have this very experience as part of the GEMÜ digital virtual factory tour. Talk to your tour guide, ask them your questions, let them show you interesting things – just as if you were at GEMÜ in person.

3D virtual tour - Almost like in real life

A look behind the scenes: Where are your products manufactured? What logistics processes ensure that your delivery is trouble-free? Find out this and more very easily on our virtual tour. Have a 3D experience where you can look in all directions and go to the locations that particularly interest you. Your guide will be there with you.

You can select the focal areas of your tour and tailor them to your personal interests. Would you prefer to become more familiar with logistics, or how the assembly environment for your products is organized?

A bird's eye view is also impressive, where you can see the shapes and scale of the GEMÜ world as if from an aeroplane.

Simply request a tour booking from your contact person at GEMÜ Sales. Your contact person will put you in touch virtually with our specialists so that you can then experience a digital tour. Enjoy a digital experience.

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