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We would like to invite you to ACHEMA 2024 which will take place in Frankfurt am Main
from 10.06. to 14.06.2024. 


Visit us at our booth in Hall 8, Booth F4, and experience our innovations. Get in touch with us to learn
more about our products and individual solutions.

Please find the presence of our experts in the lists below.

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We look forward to your visit!


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Digital Showroom


At the same time, our Digital Showroom will open its doors to present the highlights of ACHEMA online. 

Experience the ACHEMA Feeling live on your devices. Exciting interviews and livestreams as well as many other topics are just waiting to be discovered by you. 

Our new products:

GEMÜ D40/ D41

The pneumatically actuated GEMÜ D40 and D41 diaphragm valves are designed for use in aseptic manufacturing processes. The sealing concept of the valves is based on the newly developed GEMÜ diaphragm, which also hermetically separates the actuator from the medium. GEMÜ D40 is mounted using four collar nuts, while the GEMÜ D41 valve type equipped with EasyLock technology is mounted completely without loose components using a central screw connection.

  • Pneumatic diaphragm valve
  • No retightening of the diaphragm
  • GEMÜ D41 with EasyLock technology


The pneumatically actuated GEMÜ P40 PD tank bottom valve is designed for use in sterile applications. The sealing principle of the valve is based on the GEMÜ PD sealing technology, which hermetically separates the actuator from the medium. All actuator parts (except the sealing and design elements) are made from stainless steel.

  • Pneumatic tank bottom valve
  • Low maintenance due to PD technology
  • Optimized drain design


Pneumatically operated GEMÜ S40 2/2-way globe valve with proven GEMÜ globe valve sealing principle and innovative modular linear actuator. The GEMÜ S40 globe valve is available in both angle seat and straight seat versions.

  • Pneumatic globe valve
  • Simple wearing parts replacement
  • Wide range of valve bodies


As an automation module, the GEMÜ 12A0 electrical position indicator is compatible with all pneumatically operated process valves with linear actuator of the new platform generation, regardless of actuator size and control function.

  • Electrical position indicator
  • With ASi-5, IO-Link and GEMÜ App
  • Condition monitoring through sensors

GEMÜ C33 HydraLine

The GEMÜ C33 HydraLine pressure transducer has been specifically developed for use in high-purity applications and with aggressive media. Therefore, all media-contacting components are made of fluoroplastic. It has a ceramic pressure measurement cell which is separated from the process medium by an innovative new sealing concept. The GEMÜ C33 HydraLine has a leak detection hole for easy leakage detection and can be integrated directly into the piping system via flare unions.

  • Ceramic measuring cell
  • New, innovative sealing concept
  • Only PTFE in contact with the medium

Coming soon!


GEMÜ 44A0 combines the functions of a combi-switchbox and a positioner for pneumatically operated process valves in a smart product solution. As an automation module, GEMÜ 44A0 is compatible with all pneumatically actuated, single-acting new actuator modules in a compatible size, regardless of actuator size.  

  • Communication and parameterization interface IO-Link and ASi-5
  • Condition monitoring through integrated sensor technology
  • Contactless and wear-free position detection via Hall sensors


The motorized GEMÜ D60 diaphragm valve is designed for use in sterile applications. Its areas of application primarily include pharmaceuticals and biotechnology as well as the cosmetics, food and beverage industries. The sealing concept of the valve is based on the newly developed GEMÜ diaphragm, which also hermetically separates the actuator from the medium.

The GEMÜ D60 is characterized by an increase in performance in terms of speed, efficiency and force, with a compact design. It also offers an extended range of functions and automation as well as increased safety thanks to an emergency power module and a power supply unit. 


The iComLine series is a well-proven product range from GEMÜ for the semiconductor industry. With the addition of a smaller size, the iComLine NEXT GEN, GEMÜ is expanding its portfolio to provide further customized solutions for the process area. The ultra-pure 2/2-way plastic diaphragm globe valve has a pneumatic actuator. All media wetted parts are made of PTFE. The external actuator parts are made of PVDF. 

  • Small space requirement
  • Ideal for use in process tools
  • Compact design for high KV values

Further highlights at our booth:

EasyLock Challenge

Immerse yourself in the world of the new sealing principle and EasyLock technology at our exhibition stand. Experience speed and simplicity. 

At our exhibition stand, you have the unique opportunity to put your skills to the test. Take part in our exciting challenge: disassemble and assemble an operator as quickly as possible. We'll time you and the fastest participant will win a pair of state-of-the-art VR glasses every day, so come along and try your best!

The valve of the future

At ACHEMA 2024, the world forum for the process industry, we will be presenting the valve of the future - electrified, intelligent and networked.

Our exhibition stand offers you the unique opportunity to experience the future today. Discover the latest innovations and technologies in the field of valve technology. Our experts will be available to answer your questions and talk to you. Be inspired by our products and solutions. This is where the smart future begins.


Hydrogen Session

"Trends in Valve Technology for H2 Production" - Green hydrogen offers promising solutions for climate change and sustainability. Production plants have moved beyond the pilot phase and are being implemented on an industrial scale. As manufacturers of valves and control systems, we tackle the challenges of scaling up with practical and definitive solutions. Our presentation addresses these challenges and presents suitable solutions.

  • When: Tue, 11.6.2024, 11:00 – 11:30
  • Where: Europa – 4.0

Bookmark the session: Kongress - ACHEMA


The GEMÜ app provides the opportunity to configure and operate products.
Take advantage of the opportunity to visually display a variety of important physical parameters such as temperature, humidity, acceleration, housing internal pressure, supply voltage, current consumption, and the applied control pressure. This allows you to effectively monitor and control the condition of the products.

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