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GEMÜ pressure control valves

Reliable, flexible, precise

GEMÜ pressure control valves are used in plants which require a constant operating or system pressure. They control the upper pressure limits, prevent pressure peaks and/or balance out pressure fluctuations. Depending on the function, 3 different designs are available.

Product advantages/customer benefits

  • All parts that come into contact with the medium are manufactured from high-grade plastics and are also suited to use with corrosive media
  • The equipment can be used without auxiliary power
  • The pressure control valves have a low maintenance design and can be installed regardless of position

Pressure retaining valves GEMÜ N086, N186 and N786

The GEMÜ N086 and N186 pressure retaining valves are used to provide a constant back pressure in process plant. They can also be used as pressure relief valves to reduce pressure peaks in the bypass. Due to their minimal deadleg design, types N086 and N186 are particularly well suited to ultra pure water applications. The product range has been expanded to include the pressure retaining valve GEMÜ N786.

Pressure relief valves GEMÜ N085 and N185

Plant and piping systems are protected against gauge pressure and pressure peaks using pressure relief valves from the GEMÜ N085 and N185 series. A third pipe spigot facilitates installation in the main pipe through which any overpressure is relieved. Due to the cavity filled and flow-efficient design of the valve body, there is only a minimal pressure loss in the throughput.

Pressure reducers GEMÜ N082, N182 and N782

GEMÜ pressure reducers are used to reduce the pressure to a specified value, which can be easily set using a set screw. The inlet pressure is reduced to the required outlet pressure utilizing the pressure differential.