Surface technology

Surface technology

GEMÜ is continually investing in manufacturing capacity and expertise. The launch of the surface technology centre (OTZ) represents another ground-breaking step towards increasing the quality of our products even further.

Integrated production flow

  • A wealth of surface technology expertise under one roof
  • Expansion of automated surface processing
  • Integration of electropolishing into the flow of goods

Customer benefits

Manufacturing premium-quality, corrosion-resistant surfaces is essential to numerous sectors, and the to pharmaceutical industry in particular. With the integrated production process, added capacity in the field of automated surface processing and short communication channels, GEMÜ is improving the quality of its stainless steel products. Other advantages:

  • Greater consideration of individual requirements
  • Optimized and transparent processes
  • Improved tracking and tracing (RFID).


As an industrial company with its headquarters in the idyllic Kocher Valley, GEMÜ is fully aware of its responsibility towards the environment and towards future generations. This is why we employ environmentally friendly technologies such as:

  • Energy-optimized drying systems
  • Heat recovery through the use of a run-around coil system
  • Fully automatic system and process control mechanisms that use fewer chemicals
  • Wastewater reduction thanks to vacuum evaporation technology
  • Minimization of rinsing water
  • Coverage of our own electricity needs by a photovoltaic system