Extendable multi-port valve blocks from GEMÜ

Compact, quick to install, cost effective

Extendable multi-port valve blocks from GEMÜ

In a customized valve block design, GEMÜ has been successfully integrating a very wide variety of functions such as blending, diverting, channelling, draining or supplying a very wide variety of liquids (including chemicals) for years. Dosing functions can also be implemented with multi-port valve blocks.

This concept has now been expanded to include plastic multi-port valve blocks. In doing so, and in collaboration with customers from the chemical industry and the environmental systems industry, "extendable multi-port valve blocks" have been developed. 

The new concept can cover a majority of possible variants with just a few basic versions. These basic blocks can be connected within seconds, and without any additional piping, adhesive bonding or welding, to produce an extended multi-port valve block. Subsequent modifications to the process plant which are requested by the plant operator can also be implemented quickly and easily. This offers genuine added value to suppliers and operators alike.

Customer benefits

  • Customized plant design
  • Extremely compact valve solution
  • Shorter installation times
  • System integration possible, e.g. sensor system
  • Increased plant reliability thanks to fewer connection points

Technical data

  • Produced from a single block of material; standard materials PVC-U, PP, PP natural and PVDF; further materials on request
  • Standard connections, such as threaded sockets, solvent cement spigots, butt weld spigots and union ends, can be used
  • Also available with T-actuator specially developed for block installation.


Dosing installations for detergent in industrial laundries

Extendable multi-port valve blocks - Dosing installations for detergent in industrial laundries
The Seitz company from Kriftel, Germany produces both a wide variety of detergents for industrial laundry applications and automated systems for dosing these detergents. Compact multi-port valve blocks from GEMÜ are the key element of these systems as they make the correspo