Device operation with the GEMÜ app


Device operation with the GEMÜ app

Simple device operation with the smartphone or tablet

Devices that are difficult to access can now be quite simply initialized, configured, parametrized and localized with the free GEMÜ app.

Fast connection with mobile end devices

You can connect your smartphone or tablet with available GEMÜ devices in your environment via a Bluetooth interface.

All device data and operating functions are then available to you in the GEMÜ app. 

Availability via the GEMÜ app

The device status and error messages are displayed in plain text. This makes operation easier.

The GEMÜ app is available in German, English and French, and can be used both on Android and on iOS operating systems. 

The GEMÜ 1441 cPos-X positioner can currently be operated with the GEMÜ app.

 Details of GEMÜ 1441 cPos-X





Performs the automatic commissioning function, whereby the product is calibrated to the connected valve.



Display and operation

Displays the current operating data and other values relating to the device status in graphic form.


Displays full error messages and a specific description of rectification measures.


Shows the setting parameters available grouped into submenus to adapt the product to its task.


Helps to find the connected product in the system by making it stand out upon activation.




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