GEMÜ-intersivustoilla käytetään evästeitä. Kun käytät sivustoa, suostut evästeiden käyttämiseen. Henkilökohtaiset asetuksesi pääset tekemään napsauttamalla Täällä.

Webinar: Controlled process reliability - GEMÜ SUMONDO

Webinar: Controlled process reliability - GEMÜ SUMONDO®

Single-use systems offer comparable process reliability to existing stainless steel systems, but incur lower costs and their components are available more quickly. However, their control accuracy is limited. Thanks to an innovative membrane joining technology, the tried and tested actuator and control technology in stainless steel systems can now also be used in single-use processes. The "Precise control of single-use processes" webinar shows how a single-use filtration system was implemented with this innovative valve design following a customer request.