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GEMÜ 488 Victoria

Motorized butterfly valve

  • Description
  • Features
  • Technical specifications

The GEMÜ 488 Victoria soft-seated butterfly valve is motorized. Various metal or plastic on/off or control actuators are available. The butterfly valve is available in nominal sizes DN 25 to 600 and standard installation lengths: ISO 5752/20 | EN 558-1/20 | API 609 category A (DIN 3202 K1) available in wafer, lug and U section body versions.

  • Low torques thanks to special disc contour
  • Improved sealing
  • Extensive applications using a variety of materials
  • Robust body coating in accordance with ISO 12944-6 C5-M
  • Manual override
  • Wide choice of motorized actuator types
  • Min. 250 μm layer thickness body coating
  • Bubble tight sealing, in accordance with EN 12266-1/P12, leak rate A
  • Connection: Flange (U section); Flange (lug); Flange (wafer)
  • Actuator: Motorized
  • Seal material
  • Body material: EN-GJS-400-15, SG iron material
  • Conformities: ACS; ATEX; Belgaqua; CSA; DNV GL; DVGW Drinking water; DVGW Gas; EAC; FDA; WRAS
  • Max. operating pressure: 16 bar
  • Max. media temperature: 150 ° C
  • Min. media temperature: -10 ° C
  • Nominal sizes: DN 25 (1''); DN 40 (1 1/2''); DN 50 (2''); DN 65 (2 1/2''); DN 80 (3''); DN 100 (4''); DN 125 (5''); DN 150 (6''); DN 200; DN 250; DN 300; DN 350
  • Control valve

Product video

How butterfly valves work

00:38 min
Online since 16.09.2015
GEMÜ butterfl y valves at the Trollmühle Waterworks - Uranium removal and partial deionization using Uranex® and Carix® procedures

Product applications

GEMÜ butterfl y valves at the Trollmühle Waterworks - Uranium removal and partial deionization using Uranex® and Carix® procedures

Currently, the waterworks at the Trollmühle water supply authority in Windesheim near Bingen am Rhein supply approximately 43,000 people in 14,000 households with 2.2 million m³ drinking water per year. At peak times, this means a daily dispensing volume of up to 8500 m³. On the one hand, Krüger WABAG / VWS Deutschland GmbH implemented the URANEX® system, which is used to minimise the water‘s geologically caused uranium content by means of ion exchange. On the other hand, partial deionization by ion exchange is achieved using the CARIX® procedure.

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