The Butterfly Valve Production Centre

Corrosion-resistant butterfly valves manufactured in-house

The Butterfly Valve Production Centre

At GEMÜ, we place considerable importance on our high Real Net Output Ratio. An example of this is the highly automated butterfly valve production in our factory at GEMÜ Valves China.


Take a look at our Butterfly Valve Production Centre

With the help of state-of-the-art robot technology and a sophisticated transport system, the unmachined parts for our butterfly valves are produced in-house, from the initial milling right through to the high-quality coating.The in-house machining of our butterfly valves gives us full control over processes that are essential to quality.


Mechanical machining for narrow shape and positional tolerances

All valve bodies are milled in one clamping position in our highly automated valve manufacture at GEMÜ Valves China. This allows us to achieve the smallest possible shape and positional tolerances.


High-quality coating for robust valves

Using the whirl sintering method, we coat the valve body evenly with epoxy powder. The powder suspended in the air melts onto the preheated valve body and forms a robust and resistant surface.

  • Highest level of corrosion protection in accordance with ISO 12944-6 C5M
  • Layer thickness of at least 250 µm
  • Consistent coating, even in the liner area

High Real Net Output Ratio for greater safety and flexibility

With a wealth of expertise in butterfly valve production in one location and the highly automated production flow, you benefit from these advantages:

  • High-quality butterfly valves for more process and plant reliability
  • Efficient inventory for optimized delivery times
  • Flexible scope for high-quality custom-made products and small orders

Our promise: Made by GEMÜ

As the GEMÜ group, on the one hand, we have German roots but, on the other hand, we are also a global enterprise and produce all over the world. The decisive criterion for quality is our demand for quality and customer satisfaction and not the location where we manufacture.

Therefore, we do not say "Made in China" or "Made in Germany", we say "Made by GEMÜ". That means that we produce to internationally recognized production and safety standards. We subject all our products to the most stringent requirements worldwide and guarantee high quality across the board, regardless of where in the world we are producing.