Components and system solutions | Chlor-alkali industry

Components and system solutions | Chlor-alkali industry

Having excellent references in the area of industrial markets shows that we clearly understand your requirements. With our comprehensive range of products, we comply with the requirements of applications such as water treatment, brine purification and electrolysis, as well as chlorine, acid and alkali treatment and handling. The specific requirements of these industrial sectors are fulfilled by our flexible portfolio.


Application examples

Chlorine treatment and handling

In the process chain, it's important that "dry" and "wet" chlorine are spoken of. This distinction has a very significant influence on the choice of materials for the application. In a process involving the handling of chlorine, very different temperatures may prevail. An example is the liquification of chlorine, which can take place at -35 °C (1 bar) or 18 °C (7–12 bar). 

For corrosion reasons, only C-steel and alloys like hastelloy should be permissible for dry chlorine. For wet chlorine, a titanium alloy should be used. As well as plastic or plastic-lined metal valve bodies.

Media for which we have the appropriate products:

  • Gaseous wet chlorine
  • Liquids saturated with chlorine gas
  • Liquids with dissolved chlorine gas

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Alkali treatment and handling

When handling alkalis, attention should be paid to minimizing failures. That's why alkali lines are often equipped with heating. Valves with minimal deadleg and good cleanability should be used. Furthermore, valves with plastic and metal housings (at higher temperatures) are possibilities. Materials intended to be used as a lining are rubber or plastic.

Media for which we have the appropriate products:

  • Highly alkaline media
  • Saturated steam, condensate, towns water, cooled water, deionized water
  • Sodium hydroxide and CI salt

One electrolyzer technology is the state-of-the-art membrane cell. Each technology presents different challenges and difficulties. Valves directly at the electrolyzer may be required to be plastic. High temperatures are often required here.

Media for which we have the appropriate products:

  • Chlorine
  • Hydrogen
Brine production and brine recovery

The process comprises several purification steps, which are important for the purity of the brine and are a byword for high product quality. Brine production and recovery from the electrolyzer constitute a circuit. By-products like chlorates develop here.

Media for which we have the appropriate products:

  • Fresh water, process water
  • Abrasive and corrosive media
  • Powders and solids
  • Acidic, corrosive and alkaline media
  • Saturated chloride solution

Further application examples can be found in the brochure.

Product examples by area of application

GEMÜ products are in use around the globe in water treatment and waste water treatment, the chemical industry, power generation and environmental systems, the industrial plant and machinery sectors, the paper industry, steel works, mining and metal extraction, surface finishing and in many other areas. The specific product range contains diaphragm valves, globe and control valves, butterfly valves, ball valves and solenoid valves, each available in metal or plastic versions, as well as accessories for measurement and control systems. The wide range of uses makes GEMÜ valves reliable all-rounders. As customized system solutions, GEMÜ multi-port valve blocks in plastic and metal versions are being used successfully in industrial plant and process engineering.

➥ Butterfly valves made of metal | GEMÜ R48x series and GEMÜ 490 Edessa

Thanks to various material combinations, GEMÜ butterfly valves are suitable for many chlor-alkali applications. The GEMÜ modular system enables many possible combinations of disc, liner and body or actuator. Across all nominal sizes, the butterfly valves will impress you with their short length and high flow rates. Various manual, pneumatic or motorized versions are available for all GEMÜ butterfly valves.

GEMÜ 491

➥ Metal diaphragm valves with a three-layer diaphragm | GEMÜ 695, 675 in weir-type design

One of the major advantages of diaphragm valves is, among other things, that only two components come into contact with the working medium – the shut off diaphragm and the valve body. The diaphragm provides hermetic separation between the process medium and all moving parts. Due to the high-quality plastic lining, the GEMÜ types are suitable for particulate and abrasive media and can also be used with highly corrosive, volatile media and at high media temperatures in the chlor-alkali industry.

GEMÜ 675
GEMÜ 695

➥ GEMÜ code 71 diaphragm | Three-piece PTFE/PVDF/EPDM diaphragm

Code 71

Product examples:

  • Permeation block – PVDF layer of 1 mm thickness
  • Simple and defined mounting thanks to a threaded pin sintered in place
  • Resistant – to wet chlorine
  • Corrosion-resistant – mounting pins made of grade 7 titanium
  • Made by GEMÜ – GEMÜ quality and design

➥ Metal diaphragm valves in full bore design | GEMÜ 655 and 656

Lined full bore diaphragm valves produced by GEMÜ in-house are very versatile as they can sustain both corrosive media and high temperatures. They are used, for example, in water treatment, the chemical industry, the paper industry and in mining. 

GEMÜ 655
GEMÜ 656

➥ Diaphragm valves made of plastic | GEMÜ R677 and R690 with high-flow valve body

GEMÜ offers a wide range of highly resistant plastic valves. Due to a large material selection, GEMÜ diaphragm valves are ideally suited to chemically corrosive media, which are often found in chlor-alkali processes. Further advantages of GEMÜ plastic diaphragm valves come from the sophisticated valve design. With the flow-optimized valve bodies, a compact system design can be implemented.


➥ GEMÜ eSyDrive, eSyStep and eSyLite | Motorized actuators

Electrification is also changing the processing industry. At GEMÜ, we offer a multitude of electrically operated valves. Various actuator systems and valve types are available. For more than 55 years, we have been developing electromagnetic and motorized actuators and continuously expanding our expertise.


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➥ Globe and control valves made of metal | GEMÜ 514 and 554 globe valve, measurement and control systems

Globe valves are suitable for clean, liquid media as well as for gases and vapours. Due to the linear movement and favourable mechanical properties, they often take on automated tasks. Particularly in small nominal sizes, they are very suitable for fast cycle duties and high switching frequencies. In conjunction with the relevant positioners and measuring instruments, they are the best possible control valves in chlor-alkali applications.



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GEMÜ 554
GEMÜ 514
GEMÜ 514

➥ Further process accessory

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