Digital product label for GEMÜ products

Call up product information easily

Digital product label for GEMÜ products

Since mid-2021, in addition to the normal product label, GEMÜ products have gradually also included an additional label with a QR code and serial number. You can use this to uniquely identify our products across the world and, in addition to the classic product label, call up lots of additional product-related information in digital format.

With the QR code label, GEMÜ fulfils the requirements of IEC 61406 (DIN SPEC 91406) for the automatic identification of physical objects and information about the physical object in IT systems, in particular IoT systems.

The following data is available to you in digital format, directly in the plant:

  • Product description
  • Article information
  • Product documentation
  • Certificates

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In addition to the simple identification of products, it can also be used to carry out and document commissioning and maintenance work – without wasting paper

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