Innovation and state-of-the-art technology

At the beginning of 2009, the GEMÜ Research & Development and Engineering departments at the Niedernhall-Waldzimmern site were given their own, state-of-the-art building.

Today, more than 100 GEMÜ engineers and other technical staff work on latest-generation valves, measurement and control systems in the 6000 m² space.

Customized solutions

In addition to basic research and development, the GEMÜ Dome is where we develop and design products such as customized valves and measuring and control components. So it makes sense that this is also where we conduct testing and construct prototypes. New products undergo intensive testing here during the R&D stage.


At GEMÜ, new products and features are always designed with the criteria of the GREEN ENGINEERING initiative in mind. Thanks to this initiative, the optimal use of materials and energy is stipulated as part of the profile of requirements.

"Green" building services

The Development and Innovation Centre itself was also designed and implemented in accordance with the principle of sustainability. For example, energy is generated on the roof by a photovoltaic system. Because this system tracks the sun and adjusts its position accordingly, it is significantly more efficient. As a result, it achieves a maximum power of approximately 21.3 kilowatts, which equates to an annual saving of 18.1 tonnes of CO2.