GEMÜ metal aseptic diaphragm valves

For sterile applications

Areas of application and industrial sectors

Metal aseptic diaphragm valves are primarily used in sterile applications in the pharmaceutical, food and biotechnology industries. These valves are used for the handling and distribution of ultra pure media in the fields of semiconductors and microelectronics, as well as for applications in the field of fine chemicals. Depending on the version selected, they are suitable for ultra pure water (Water for Injection), ultra high purity chemicals, intermediate and final products in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries, foodstuffs processing and the chemical industry. The valves can be sterilised and autoclaved within the bounds of their technical use parameters. Aseptic diaphragm valves are also used successfully as control valves in sterile areas. 

Valve body versions

Alongside valves with straight through body, GEMÜ also offers other versions:

Tank valve body

T body

Multi-port body

Valve configurations (valve bodies connected to one another)