GEMÜ locations

GEMÜ locations

The GEMÜ Group employs more than 2500 members of staff in over 50 countries across all continents.

Global presence

GEMÜ has customers on every continent and is represented in over 50 countries via subsidiaries or long-term commercial partners. As a result GEMÜ customers have highly qualified advisors at their disposal practically anywhere in the world. These advisors receive continual training in the form of training courses that regularly take place at the company's headquarters in the Criesbach district of Ingelfingen, Germany. On particularly complex issues, they are also assisted by specialists with various specializations and supported by application technicians where necessary.

Worldwide production

GEMÜ manufactures its comprehensive range of products in six countries on three continents. Manufacturing sites are located in Germany, Switzerland, China, Brazil, France and the USA. Each manufacturing site is highly specialized, with modern assembly areas and state-of-the-art technology at their disposal. In light of this, the global production strategy worldwide is aligned according to product groups. For example, butterfly valves for the entire Group are produced at the GEMÜ production centre in China. The site in Brazil produces full bore diaphragm valves; production of the diaphragms takes place in France; cleanroom manufacturing operations are based in Switzerland; and the site in the USA specializes in valve configurations.
Among the most significant manufacturing sites are the ones in Germany. The majority of manufacturing and assembly operations take place at the Ingelfingen-Criesbach and Kupferzell sites. Products developed here include the multi-port valve blocks made from stainless steel. GEMÜ also combines this with expertise in the area of surface technology that is cultivated at the surface technology centre (OTZ) in the Hohenlohe business park.

International projects

For internationally operating corporate groups and cross-country projects, the GEMÜ Group also has the option to appoint a contact person as project manager. This contact coordinates all consultation services and is the contact person for the customer during the entire course of the project processing.