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GEMÜ sampling systems

As component and system suppliers to the pharmaceutical, biotechnology and cosmetics industries as well as to the food and beverage industries, GEMÜ can supply a variety of sampling systems as well as bodies and safety valves for sterile sampling. 

Solutions for different plant sections

The individual systems are designed to meet specific requirements and can be customized to suit plant environments. For example, GEMÜ can deliver solutions for entirely different plant sections. 

Safety and automation aspects

GEMÜ valve bodies provide a high level of safety due to their smooth, polished surfaces in media handling zones and their hygienically compatible, optimized draining design. Pneumatic and motorized actuators allow automated sampling. Outlet sizes are freely selectable from DN4. Standard solutions are available up to DN25. 

All GEMÜ sampling solutions allow safe, reproducible sampling of liquid and gaseous media and steam. Autoclavable systems are also available as an option.


Tank valvesT valvesi bodies
Multi-port valve block systemsSpecial valves : GEMÜ 650TL Special valves : GEMÜ 650 with attachment 1010 
Sampling bottle