GEMÜ Industrial Service

GEMÜ Industrial Service

The correct installation and predictive maintenance of valves, measurement and control components are important prerequisites for efficient operation and optimal operating cycles for a plant


Plant screening and inspection:

Our process experts can perform a fluid technical evaluation on your plants, thereby supporting you in using the optimal valve and control systems.
Setting, calibrating, parametrizing. Furthermore, our trained personnel can demonstrate and explain optimization potential.

Our Customer Service offers regular plant screening for the quickest possible detection of potential weaknesses in your processes.
Due to a wide range of experience in the area of valve designs, we also support you in determining optimal times for maintenance.

Your advantages:

  • Identification of current weaknesses in your process
  • Prevention of future disruptive factors
  • Transparent explanation and documentation of results
  • Detection of potentials in effectiveness and efficiency

Repair work:

Required repair work can be coordinated via the Service Helpline. Our service technicians can perform this either directly on location, or in GEMÜ's modern repair facilities.
Our team always strives to provide support of the highest quality as quickly as possible to our customers. Spare and wearing parts are therefore always available or are replaced by equivalent components

Your advantages:

  • Continuous and comprehensive availability of spare parts
  • Fast procurement in the GEMÜ online shop
  • Complete and fast problem-solving by our service engineers directly on location


Experienced GEMÜ specialists carry out maintenance procedures in cycles and thus increase
system availability and safety. Setting and adjusting components such as valves, electrical position indicators and controllers bring them back to the optimal operating points, thereby increasing the total output of the plant

Regular maintenance procedures from our Customer Service are essential in order to optimize service life and maintain the quality of your plant. Of course, remote maintenance is also possible with our innovative software solutions.

Your advantages:

  • Maximization of reliability and safety of your plants
  • Extension of operating duration for these plants
  • Reduction in unscheduled interruptions and other risks
  • Preservation of your investment value


Despite the fact that single components in an industrial context increasingly form systems, it is still important to having an understanding of the components. In addition, it is important to make use of the manufacturer's expertise so that the elements can be correctly installed and integrated into the existing system environment.

Precise, professional and perfectly appropriate – our team provides you with a high-quality assembly. 

Your advantages:

  • Quick and reliable implementation by our service engineers
  • Risk reduction thanks to guaranteed correct implementation
  • Relief of your capacities