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Customer solutions

Outlet and tank valvesLined diaphragm valvesMedical industry components
for optimal draining, as well as cleaning and sterilization in sterile applicationsfor corrosive media and high temperaturesplastics solutions for surgical instruments, lab accessories and for other medical devices
Ready-to-sterilize components Ready-to-sterilze valvesStainless steel multi-port valves
gamma-sterilizable plastic solutions for the medical industrygamma-sterilizable single-use diaphragm valvesfor sterile and hygienic processes
Multi-port valve blocks made of plasticExtendable multi-port valve blocks made of plasticMulti-port valve blocks made of high-purity plastic
for the chemical industry and environmental systems and for water treatment and numerous industrial processesConnects what are referred to as basic blocks to form an extended multi-port valve blockfor dosing applications in the microelectronics and semiconductor industries and for particularly corrosive media
Sampling systemsValve configurations
for the pharmaceutical, biotechnology and cosmetics industries and the food and beverage industriesin the form of two valve bodies directly welded to one another or in the form of an integrated sampling, steam and condensate valve