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Measurement and control engineering

Display unitPressure measurement devicesFlow meters
digital four-digit or five-digit displayhigh-purity and made of PFA in the form of pressure transmitter, measuring transducer and pressure gaugein accordance with the variable area principle, in the form of flow transmitters, magnetically inductive flowmeters or with ultrasonic technology
Electrical position indicatorsFieldbus systemsLevel transmitters
for linear and quarter turn valves, with and without pilot valvefor AS interfacelevel transmitters and level measurement device
Measuring transducersGlobe-valve-type control valvesControl tasks with other valve types
pressure and differential pressure  measuring transducers and temperature measuring transducersfor regulating clean liquid and gaseous media, as well as inert and corrosive mediawith butterfly valves, with diaphragm valves, with ball valves
Positioners and process controllersConnection technologyAccessories for measurement and control technology
for process automation of valvesmade of PFA for sanitary/hygienic applicationssuch as plugs and travel sensors for controllers
High-purity accessories for measurement and control technology
such as fittings and tubes