GEMÜ Code 4A

FKM diaphragm

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The GEMÜ code 4A/4 FKM diaphragm has been developed for use in industrial applications, for example in the chemical industry, environmental engineering and the processing industry. The diaphragm is made of fluorinated rubber.

  • Fabric reinforced (diaphragm size 25 to diaphragm size 150)
  • Resistant to aggressive chemicals such as hydrocarbons (aromatic, non-aromatic and chlorinated), mineral acids and chlorine bleach
  • Ozone and weather resistant
  • Simple mounting thanks to the rubber pin that is vulcanized in place (diaphragm size 8)
  • Simple and defined mounting thanks to a threaded pin which is vulcanized in place with an integrated screw-in stop (diaphragm size 10 to diaphragm size 150)
  • Media temperature:-10 to 90 °C
  • Diaphragm material:FKM
  • Diaphragm sizes:8

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