Multi-port valve blocks plastic

Complex control of liquids and gases are generally carried out by means of numerous individual valves. These are connected to one another by similar numbers of fittings and piping. But this takes up a lot of space and assembly is time-consuming because of the much higher number of individual parts. Every assembly point and pipe connection is also a potential leakage point that could potentially reduce operational safety.

New approach for multi-functional, space-saving and modular systems
Compact plastic multi-port valve blocks are the ideal components here. They can perform various functions while saving space. GEMÜ engineers and application specialists are now applying the experience they have gained in implementing thousands of multi-port valve blocks in the pharmaceutical industry to the creation of plastic multi-port valve blocks for the traditional industrial sector.

For ultra-pure media or dosing applications, GEMÜ customers can also rely on the iComLine multi-port valve block solutions made of PTFE.

System design and customized manufacturing
GEMÜ supports its customers at the planning phase with ideas and initial drafts. The drafts are laid out for design purposes in the 3D CAD system, agreed in close cooperation with the customer and finally processed in a state of the art efficient machining centre. Every day, the GEMÜ Design Centre turns out new customized block designs in this way.

Optimization of time and costs
The bodies of plastic multi-port valves are made as standard of PVC-U, PP, PP natural, PVDF and PEEK. Solutions can be made with other materials are possible upon consultation. Multi-port valve blocks are generally produced by machining from a solid block of plastic material. In the case of larger quantities, GEMÜ develops individual solutions together with the customer based on an injection moulding process. This leads to substantially lower unit costs. GEMÜ develops and manufactures the tools used for this in-house. This enables quality assurance to be ensured for all process steps: Fast, flexible and required to meet high quality requirements.

Advantages of GEMÜ M-block plastic multi-port valves:
  • Individual, customized and flexible design
  • Very compact design, manufactured with several valve seats from a single block of material
  • Fewer fittings, welds or solvent cemented joints -> fewer potential leakage points
  • Lower assembly and installation costs
  • Low hold-up volume, smaller wetted area
  • GEMÜ modular system with high-quality components (actuators, diaphragms, valve bodies, position indicators, positioner or process controllers) that are synchronized with each other
  • Compatible with standard connections such as threaded sockets, solvent cement spigots, butt weld spigots, union ends, clamps and flanges