1.0 and 1.1 use uniform standards


GEMÜ is also a driving force behind the development of sectors and technologies at a higher level. As such, GEMÜ developed the new communication standard IO-Link together with leading manufacturers of automation products and solutions. 

The first manufacturer of IO-Link devices for valve designs and process systems

GEMÜ is a founding member of the IO-Link consortium, which has developed a neutral, open interface that enables process, parameter and diagnostic data to be easily transmitted between control units (masters) and simple sensors and actuators (devices). With the redesign of the GEMÜ 1235 intelligent electrical position indicator and the development of the GEMÜ 4242 combi switchbox, GEMÜ is the first manufacturer of valve technology components provided with an IO-Link interface. This allows sensors and actuators to be controlled simultaneously, which enables the communication interface (based on a point-to-point connection) to transmit digital or analogue data as a serial telegram via a three-conductor connector.

Customer benefits

The IO-Link standard offers numerous benefits:

  • Additional information can be exchanged between the sensor/actuator and the control unit/guidance system down to the lowest field level. This information can be used for diagnostics and parameterization.
  • The use of IO-Link reduces the number of interfaces and assemblies required.
  • The system can be integrated easily into existing field bus systems and is simple to operate using standard engineering tools.
  • This integration does not require any changes to existing or usual topology and wiring (up to 20 m).
  • Procurement costs and installation time for screened cables and multi-pole parallel wiring will no longer apply in future, because all communication takes place over a standard M12 connector.

IO-Link has now been included as a standardized communication system in international standard IEC 61131-9.

Further information

Detailed information about the communication standard and the consortium, which has members such as Siemens, Beckhoff, B&R, Phoenix Contact, Pepperl+Fuchs, Tuck, IFM and Sick, can be found at

Software files for the IO-Link Master

PACTware 4 (without HART-Com DTM and help texts)

Turck software „IO-Link IODD Interpreter and DTM“

Turck software „DTM for USB IO-Link Master“

Configuration files