Jobs at GEMÜ

Jobs at a global market leader

Jobs at GEMÜ

An exciting future at an expanding family-owned enterprise awaits new employees at GEMÜ.

From vaccines to smartphones to coffee, valves and measurement and control systems are used in numerous production processes and play a decisive role in ensuring the quality of our daily lives and our health.


As a long-established and traditional family-owned enterprise with 2500 employees worldwide, we are a reliable and successful partner for our customers – as well as for our employees. Our range of products, our attractive customers and our steady growth means that we can promise a successful and secure future for you as well.


We place great emphasis on finding driven individuals who are comfortable working independently and are willing to display commitment to high performance and to their company. Our employees must also show awareness that many of our products will be employed in sensitive areas.


The cooperation of our employees has made us what we are today: A specialist in high-quality valves, measurement and control systems, particularly in individual special solutions for the isolation and control of fluids. We look forward to welcoming you as a team player, working across departments and, if necessary, across countries.


GEMÜ is present in over 50 countries worldwide. On one hand, for many of our employees this means working in several languages and time zones, a willingness to travel and sensitivity and tact when dealing with customers and colleagues from other cultures. On the other hand, it also means that if you enjoy broadening your horizons, we can offer you varied, challenging career opportunities.

Technically minded

10% of our employees work in Research and Development or in Technical Support. We would therefore be particularly happy to hear from those who are interested in technology and engineering – even if you are currently employed in another area. We are of course also happy to hear from any creative individuals who – very much in the tradition of our founder – can think both with and against the flow.


Alongside a reasonable salary, we offer a variety of additional benefits depending on the country. It is our goal to keep you in the company in the long term, and to help you achieve your personal development goals.