GEMÜ European Production and Logistics Centre

Assembly, logistics and distribution

GEMÜ European Production and Logistics Centre

GEMÜ's state-of-the-art Production and Logistics Centre (PLZ) is located in the Hohenlohe business park, which is right next to the A6 and is visible from quite a way away.


GEMÜ first commenced operations at the Production and Logistics Centre in 2013; the new building complex now combines all customer-related assembly and logistics activities under one roof. The company has brought together its global flow of goods at this site, allowing fast delivery to all our European customers. The technology company employs state-of-the-art equipment here too, and uses a driverless transportation system to move goods around the Production and Logistics Centre.


Objective: Process optimization

When planning and building the Production and Logistics Centre, increasing the company's capacity was not the only goal. Optimizing all processes was also part of the user specification. As part of the GEMÜ Group's integrative supply chain strategy, all processes have been fully integrated at the Production and Logistics Centre, from the purchase of raw materials to the delivery of the finished products to the end customer.


Efficiency and ergonomics

The health and safety of GEMÜ employees is very important to us. For this reason, the company places stringent requirements on workstation ergonomics at the planning stage, and ensures that these are applied systematically. As part of the optimization of the assembly processes, we achieve increased efficiency by ensuring that there is a continuous flow of materials and by implementing the "goods-to-person" concept. This is also beneficial in terms of workstation ergonomics, because all the components and work equipment required for assembly purposes is brought directly to the workers at their workstation. All the required parts are delivered to where the employees need them. At the workstation, lifting devices can be used to position goods at working height, avoiding the need to bend down or lift things unnecessarily.