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This page offers all current configuration files for download. If you require an older or different version, please speak to your contact person or contact us by telephone or e-mail.

To download the file, right-click the file name that is underlined in red (in a standard configuration for a PC mouse). A window then opens. Select "Save target as...". Within the new window which opens, navigate to where you want to save the file, change the file type, if required, and confirm your selection.

ProductsFile typeName
GEMÜ 9ASS (.gsd)GEMÜ 9ASS Industrial_Profibus
.zip (.gsd)GEMÜ 9ASS Regler_Profibus
GEMÜ 1235/ (iodd)GEMÜ 1235_1236 IO-LINK_IODD_V1.0
.zip (iodd)GEMÜ 1235_1236 IO-LINK_IODD_V1.1
GEMÜ 1436 cPos / 1436 (.eds)GEMÜ
.zip (.gsd)GEMÜ 1436_Profibus
GEMÜ (.gsd)GEMÜ 3030_Profibus
GEMÜ 4221/ (.eds)GEMÜ 4221_4222
GEMÜ (.eds)GEMÜ 4242 DeviceNet_EDS
.zip (.eds)GEMÜ 4242
.zip (iodd)GEMÜ 4242

GEMÜ 3140

zip (iodd) files
GEMÜ 3140

Absolute pressure (A)

Relative pressure (R)

Measuring range up to

Measuring range up to
Electrical output signal:6 bar10 bar40 bar6 bar10 bar40 bar
1xPNP/0..10V 3-wire +IO-Link (1P0V)FileFileFileFileFileFile
1xPNP/4..20mA 3-wire +IO-Link (1P4A)FileFileFileFileFileFile
2xNPN/no analogue signal 3-wire +IO-Link (2N)FileFileFileFileFileFile
2xPNP/no analogue signal 3-wire +IO-Link (2P)FileFileFileFileFileFile

GEMÜ 3240

.zip (.iodd)
.zip (.iodd)