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Electric valves

GEMÜ ahead of our time

Electrification is also changing the process industry. At GEMÜ, we offer a multitude of electrically operated valves. A range of actuator systems and valve types are available. For more than 55 years, we have been developing electromagnetic and motorized actuators, thereby continuously building up our expertise. This means that our consultants can provide you with optimal advice when it comes to choosing an actuator system for the valves in your plant.

Perhaps you also think it might be time to make the switch to an energy-efficient alternative to compressed air systems – just get in touch!

For our diaphragm, globe, control and diaphragm globe valves, as well as our M-block systems, we offer three series of motorized actuators:


  • GEMÜ eSyDrive

  • GEMÜ eSyStep

  • GEMÜ eSyLite

GEMÜ eSyDrive

Premium actuator for complex open/closed and dynamic control applications

  • Self-locking hollow shaft actuator with brushless and sensorless technology
  • Ideal for control applications thanks to its excellent positioning reproducibility
  • High actuating speed and long service life
  • Ethernet-based eSy-Web solution and Modbus TCP interface for exchanging process, parametrisation and diagnostics data

GEMÜ eSyStep

Universal actuator for open/closed and simple control applications       

  • Compact spindle actuator with step motor
  • Integrated I/O link interface for exchanging process, parametrisation and diagnostics data
  • Wide range of adaptation options for add-on components and accessories

GEMÜ eSyLite

Basic actuator for open/closed applications

  • Standard integrated optical position indicator
  • Manual override equipped as standard

Butterfly valves and ball valves with motorized actuator

We also offer a wide range of quarter turn valves with electrical actuation. Alongside our in-house developments, we also work with established partners on the market in the quarter turn sector.

        Electrical ball valves                                                          

    Electrical butterfly valves     

All our butterfly valves and ball valves are fitted with a standardized connection flange in accordance with EN ISO 5211. This allows a range of valve actuators to be fitted, depending on the requirements.


  • GEMÜ 9428 and 9468

  • GEMÜ J4C

  • GEMÜ BC   

  • GEMÜ AQ   

GEMÜ 9428 and 9468

Universal actuators for open/closed or control applications


  • Manual override and position indicator integrated as standard
  • Adjustable closing characteristics thanks to increased torque in the end positions


Basic actuator for open/closed applications

  • Displays the operating condition using a multi-coloured status LED
  • Integrated switching room heating
  • Electronic torque limitation
  • Handwheel for override and position indicator integrated as standard
  • Battery-powered safety pack optionally available


Universal actuator for open/closed and simple control applications


  • Compact, space-saving design
  • Weather-resistant aluminium housing
  • Available with or without integrated control
  • Potential-free setting of end position switch
  • Display for on-site control and Bluetooth communication optionally available


Actuator for complex open/closed and dynamic control applications

  • Robust, weather-resistant housing
  • Handwheel for override and position indicator integrated as standard
  • Travel and torque recording
  • Three-phase and alternating current motors
  • Integrated control optionally available

GEMÜ valves are fully assembled in our in-house Production department – with compatible add-on components and accessories on request.

The pre-assembled solutions are supplied preset and tested. Not only can you obtain all components from a single source, you also reduce the effort required for logistics and installation of the plant on site, as well as for documentation.