Resistance information

Resistance information

For the reliable and safe use of your products

Chemically resistant materials play an important role when planning plants and in valve selection. The use of liquid and gaseous media in valve designs requires a high level of care when selecting suitable materials. With corrosive media in particular, such as sulphuric or hydrochloric acid, the selection of resistant materials is essential for the reliable, safe and long-term use of your products. GEMÜ's online tool provides you with an extensive database on the resistance of materials to chemicals.

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Which media can you use?

The key criterion for the selection of resistant materials is the chemical media that are used in the plant. Using the medium, statements can only conditionally be made on whether a material is suitable for the application. Resistance to the chemicals used in the process can be influenced by various factors.


Which factors can influence the chemical resistance?

• Media temperature

• Accompanying substances and degree of contamination

  Concentration of medium

• Effects of mechanical forces

• Product features due to the design


Categorisation of resistance results

  • Resistant materials

(low or no impairment)

  • Conditionally resistant materials

(weak to moderate attack)

  • Non-resistant materials

(severe attack to complete destruction)

Online tool for resistance information

In our online tool, you can view resistance information for plastics, elastomers, metals and coatings for a multitude of gaseous and liquid media. Get support in searching for suitable materials. 

Fast and simple

• Search easily by entering the required medium or material

• It is possible to enter the chemical formula

• See resistant materials for the media you have entered


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