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GEMÜ diaphragm valves

Durable solutions

  • Area of application and industrial sectors
  • Technical data

Area of application and industrial sectors

As they are available with such a large number of body and seal materials, GEMÜ diaphragm valves are used successfully in many different applications. Use the product search function if you already know which body material you require. Otherwise, please refer to our guide based on areas of application:

Metal aseptic diaphragm valves for sterile processes
Single-use diaphragm valves for pharmaceutical processes
Metal industrial diaphragm valves for numerous applications
As a result of different diaphragm materials and due to the surface quality of the valve body being maintained down to 0.25 µm, GEMÜ valves can be used in numerous sterile applications. The EHEDG-certified GEMÜ sealing system ensures that there is hermetic separation between medium and actuator.Single-use diaphragm valves comprise a stainless steel actuator and a gamma-sterilizable diaphragm valve body. The PP body with TPE diaphragm fulfils the purity requirements of the pharmaceutical industry as per USP 85 and USP 788.GEMÜ metal diaphragm valves are available in a weir-type version and in a full bore version and, because they are insensitive to particulate media, they are suitable for numerous industrial processes. Coatings and plastic linings are optionally available.
Plastic diaphragm valves for the chemical industry and environmental systems, as well as other industries
Plastic diaphragm valves for sanitary/hygienic applications
Plastic diaphragm globe valves for microelectronics, chemical engineering and the pharmaceutical industry
Plastic GEMÜ diaphragm valves are suitable for use with both inert and corrosive media in a liquid or gaseous state. For these valves, all media-wetted parts are made of high-grade plastics and therefore possess high chemical resistance.For the GEMÜ plastic diaphragm valves manufactured under cleanroom conditions for sanitary/hygienic applications, all media-wetted parts and the housing are made of high-grade plastic (PFA/PTFE/PVDF/PP).Diaphragm globe valves from GEMÜ are available as 2/2-way valves and multi-port valve blocks. Body, actuator and diaphragm are manufactured from the high-performance plastics PTFE and PVDF. The valves are available for order as HPW (cleanroom manufacturing) or HPS (no cleanroom manufacturing).

Technical data

OperationManual, pneumatic, motorized
ConnectionsUnion ends, clamps, flanges, flares, threaded sockets, threaded spigots, solvent cement sockets, solvent cement spigots, hose barbs, butt weld spigots 
Operating pressure0 – 10 bar
Body materialMetal: Stainless steel, cast iron, brass, SG iron, cast steel, hard or soft rubber lining
Plastic: ABS, PFA, PP, PVC, PVDF, inliner PP-H/outliner PP reinforced
Media temperature-20 - 150 °C
Nominal sizesDN 4 – 300

New product

Clamp, Hose barb
Linear actuator
PP-R natural