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непрерывная дезинфекция смазочно-охлаждающих жидкостей и жидкостей для металлообработки

Multi-port valve blocks: Continuous disinfection of cooling lubricants and cutting fluid
In the metalworking industry, cooling lubricants and cutting fluids are essential for machining processes to avoid any change in the structure of the tools and materials. In addition to water and oils, these also contain additives such as antifoaming agents, stabilizers, emulsifiers and anti-corrosion additives. To allow the cooling lubricants to be used for longer, they are treated and cleaned using methods such as filtration. After an extended period of use, water-soluble cooling lubricants often become tainted with bacteria or fungi, which results in a strong odour and also impairs the function of the cooling lubricant fl uid, among other problems. This also represents a signifi cant health risk for production staff.
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