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Microelectronics and semiconductor industries

Critical fluid handling

GEMÜ has been producing ultra-pure valves, measurement and control systems since 1988.

Areas of application include optics, medicine, photovoltaics, electronics and microelectronics, semiconductor production, the pharmaceutical industry, biotechnology and gene technology, as well as precision mechanics and micromechanics.

Cleanroom plant in Emmen

All products and components for sanitary/hygienic applications in these industries are manufactured under cleanroom conditions. Using the latest technologies and processes, valves and measurement and control engineering equipment are injection moulded, cleaned, assembled, tested and packaged in cleanroom conditions at the Emmen site in Switzerland.

Resistant body materials for further areas of application

For critical fluid handling in other industries, the product range can be ordered with body materials such as PTFE, PVDF, PFA or PP, as well as HPS versions (not manufactured in a cleanroom). GEMÜ thereby offers the greatest chemical resistance at a market-compatible price.

Multi-port valves for dosing, control and distribution tasks

The customized, multi-functional units in the GEMÜ iComLine range are suitable for open/closed automatic control systems. And due to the seating diaphragm technology, they are also ideal for short, fast cycles of dosing and control functions.

Examples of processes employing GEMÜ valves, measurement and control systems 

  • Manufacture of solar wafers and flat panels
  • Dosing of chemicals 
  • Printed circuit board and microchip production 
  • Production of LEDs 
  • Metal deposition 

Range of products 

  • CleanStar PFA and PP diaphragm valves
  • iComLine PTFE diaphragm globe valves
  • iComLine PTFE, PVDF, PP, PVC multi-port valve blocks
  • PVDF/PP diaphragm valves and PurePlus PVDF flowmeter
  • 600HP/677 HPW PFA diaphragm valves
  • HydraLine PFA/PTFE pressure measurement device
  • SonicLine (PFA) ultrasonic flowmeter
  • FlareStar / TubeStar PFA fittings and tubing system

All GEMÜ valves with pneumatic or motorized actuator are available with instrumentation ex works.