Medical systems: Large-scale apparatus and supply technology

The hygiene requirements of plant and equipment used in hospitals and doctors' practices are becoming ever stricter. 

Experience in establishing sterile applications

These requirements can readily be met with the valves, measurement and control systems offered by GEMÜ, since all pipework components have already been used safely and successfully in sterile applications for many years in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries. The valves, measurement and control systems offered by GEMÜ are therefore also used at numerous medical device manufacturers and by hospitals and other institutions for of supply systems.

Area of application

Among other fields, the products are used in 

  • Cleaning, disinfection and sterilization plant
  • Water/waste water treatment/desalination plant (drinking water, waste water, Water for Injection water, etc.)
  • Air, steam and gas treatment plant (media supply and disposal in the operation tract, RLT plant sections, etc.)
  • Fluid heating and cooling processes

Range of products

GEMÜ's products for pharmaceutical, biotechnology and cosmetics applications are ideally suited for use in hospital systems and the medical industry.