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частичное обессоливание воды с помощью технологии CARIX®

GEMÜ butterfly valves in the Niedernhall waterworks - Partial deionization using the CARIX® procedure
To begin with, the raw water that is fed in is filtered in the Niedernhall waterworks over the course of various preparation phases using ultrafiltration, is softened using an ion exchanger and then sanitized via UV disinfection. 300 m³ of water is treated every hour – equating to 2.2 million m³ every year. The plant is run by the North East Würtemberg water distribution management authority and its most notable feature is the ion exchange using the CARIX® procedure (Carbon Dioxide Regenerated Ion Exchangers). The fact that this procedure has particularly low operating costs and is environmentally friendly is especially advantageous.
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