GEMÜ products and technologies

GEMÜ products and technologies

2014 to today

Synergy by GEMÜ


GEMÜ combines its versatile, digital and innovative solutions under the term GEMÜ Synergy to achieve additional synergy effects for customers.

New GEMÜ 1441 cPos-X positioner with smart app operating concept


With its simple commissioning and extensive, individual configuration options, the GEMÜ 1441 cPos-X positioner provides users with optimal support in control processes in automated plants. 

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Latest generation of soft seated butterfly valves


The new GEMÜ R480 Victoria butterfly valve range is available with a slim disc design for better flow values and many other optimizations. They are manufactured in the newly-built, highly-automated butterfly valve production centre to the strictest quality standards.


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New motorized control valve


The 2/2-way diaphragm globe valve GEMÜ C53 iComLine was developed for precise and demanding control applications in semiconductor production. The sealing principle for the valve is based on the tried-and-tested GEMÜ PD design, which is already in use in the manually and pneumatically actuated GEMÜ C50, C51 and C57 diaphragm globe valves.

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New innovative filling valve platform


GEMÜ brings a filling valve platform based on PD design to the market. GEMÜ thereby offers a unique solution for filling processes in hygienic and aseptic plants in the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and food and beverage industries, as well as for industrial processes and corrosive media.

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Award for unique sealing concept


GEMÜ wins the ACHEMA Innovation Award for its PD (plug diaphragm) design.More information on the diaphragm globe valves


New motorized linear actuator


GEMÜ eSyDrive is based on the hollow shaft principle and has been designed with technology that does not use brushes or sensors. This means that the actuator for GEMÜ diaphragm valves and globe valves is extremely low-maintenance and compact.

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RFID system for paperless maintenance


The company equips its valves with RFID chips. With the new software solution CONEXO, stored information can be called up and accumulated.More information on the RFID solution from GEMÜ


A new valve for distributing, mixing and collecting


The GEMÜ 553 series consists of stainless steel investment cast bodies that can be connected together in series using a tried-and-tested seal system. This valve is particularly optimized for coolants and lubricants.

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New control valve with diaphragm actuator


The diaphragm actuator of the GEMÜ 536 globe valve makes this valve type particularly well suited to control applications. It is fitted with a regulating cage as standard for nominal sizes DN 65 to DN 150.

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The world's first single-use diaphragm valve


The first controllable single-use diaphragm valve, the GEMÜ SUMONDO, is introduced to the market. The bodies are produced in clean rooms and connected to the actuator using patented technology.


2013 - 2010: Innovations made from plastic

Extendable multi-port valve blocks


GEMÜ develops extendable multi-port valve blocks made from plastic. With this development, base blocks can be connected to one another and sealed with no additional adhesive bonding or welding required.


New valve range for ultra-pure media


For aggressive, corrosive or even ultra-pure media, the company introduces the GEMÜ iComLine product range with 2/2-way diaphragm globe valves and multi-port valve blocks made from PTFE.

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Compact plastic valve types


The company replaces valve types 690 and 677 with the R690 and R677 plastic diaphragm valves. The redesigns achieve the same flow rate with up to 50% less material and space required.

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Plastic multi-port valve blocks


As the first provider to do so, GEMÜ produces customer-specific multi-port valve blocks (GEMÜ M-blocks) made from plastic. With this development, solid material blocks are manufactured with multiple valve seats, which allows for reduced assembly times and installation effort.


2009 – 2001: New automation solutions and special valves

New positioner for linear actuators


The company presents a digital positioner for process valves in the form of the GEMÜ 1434 μPos. This can be adapted to different actuators and put into operation via automatic initialisation.

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Diaphragm valve with integrated automation module


The company presents the new GEMÜ 651 diaphragm valve for the first time. Thanks to the standard integration of position feedback, pilot valve and fieldbus connection, planning and cabling efforts can be significantly reduced during plant construction.

Mere on GEMÜ 651


Filling valve for fast cycle duties


With the new GEMÜ 660 diaphragm valve, the company introduces a product specially designed for the aseptic filling of beverages to the market. A precise stroke scale on the cover is possible with 10 scale points per turn.

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Stainless steel globe valve


The GEMÜ 550 valve type is specially designed for isolating and controlling steam and liquids. A wiper ring protects the seal for the actuator from contamination and damage.

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Controller for linear and quarter turn actuators


GEMÜ supplies the new GEMÜ 1436 cPos controller generation for the first time. The positioner with optionally integrated process controller features an illuminated LCD that can be read with ease.

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Intelligent positioner


The GEMÜ 1435 ePos positioner for installation on globe valves and diaphragm valves is announced. The operating times can be set using integrated throttles.

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Innovation prize for ultra-pure diaphragm valves


GEMÜ receives an innovation award from the state of Baden-Württemberg (the Dr. Rudolf Eberle prize) for the GEMÜ CleanStar product line, which is used for ultra-pure processes in the semiconductor and microelectronics industry.

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2000 – 1991: First high-purity series and additional sterile valves

Diaphragm valve for the pharmaceutical industry


The new GEMÜ 650 BioStar diaphragm valve is presented at the ACHEMA trade fair

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Customer-specific multi-port valve blocks (GEMÜ M-block)


Stainless steel multi-port valve blocks are introduced for pharmaceutical applications


Design award for butterfly valve


GEMÜ 457 butterfly valve receives the Red Dot Design Award

T-valve bodies made of stainless steel


First T-valves sold

First ultra-pure product line


High-purity valves made from PFA are introduced to the market for the microelectronics and semiconductor industry

1990 – 1968: Establishment of new business areas and expansion of the product range

Butterfly valves


Plastic and metal butterfly valves are developed


Motorized actuators


Introduction of motorized actuators for GEMÜ diaphragm valves


Design award for GEMÜ diaphragm valve


GEMÜ 687 2/2-way valve receives award on account of its "good industrial standard"

New globe valves


Development of GEMÜ 512 globe valve, GEMÜ 514 angle seat globe valve with aluminium actuator and GEMÜ 554 angle seat globe valve with plastic actuator

New pilot valve series


Introduction of the GEMÜ 320 pilot valve for pneumatic actuators (later also available in space-saving battery design)



The plastic variable-area flowmeter is developed

Globe valves


First developmental stages for metal globe valves

Diaphragm valves


Development of the first plastic diaphragm valves with pneumatic actuator

1963: World's first plastic process valve

Plastic process valve

Invention of the first plastic (PVC) process valve in the world. The directly controlled solenoid valve enables initial steps towards automation for electroplating plants.