GEMÜ 1235

Electrical position indicator

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The GEMÜ 1235 electrical position indicator is suitable for mounting to pneumatically operated linear actuators. Secure connection to valve spindle means reliable feedback signal. Intelligent microprocessor controlled functions make commissioning and support during operation easier. The current position of the valve is displayed via high visibility LEDs and fed back via electrical signals.

  • Communication and programming interface IO-Link
  • Adjustable switch point tolerances
  • Speed-AP function for fast mounting and initialization
  • High visibility position indicator by LED
  • Can be fitted to GEMÜ valves or third-party actuators
  • On-site or remote end position programming via programming input
  • Ambient temperature:-10 to 70 °C
  • Linear measuring range:2,0 to 74,4 mm
  • Supply voltages:24 V DC
  • Electrical connection types:
  • Communication modes:IO-Link | Without
  • Protection class:IP 67
  • Conformities:EAC | Functional safety | UL listed

Suitable products

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Culivated Meat Teaser

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Freeze-drying installations

Product applications

Freeze-drying installations

In order to preserve food, paints, drugs or other hydrous substances and / or to powder them, they must be partly or completely dehydrated. The procedure used is a combination of vacuum and cold. As the amount of the required product and the properties of the products as well as the on-site conditions may be very different, not only a large number of standardized installations are used but also individually specified installations.

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GEMÜ automation components receive UL certification mark

Product news


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