GEMÜ multi-port valve blocks

GEMÜ multi-port valve blocks

Combining functions in the smallest of spaces in one block offers even more advantages: The residual volume of media in the system is reduced in a measurable way, the flow is optimized and draining is improved. This enhances the performance capability of the entire system and reduces media consumption. Another advantage of blocks is that they provide junction points within plant. This allows easier cleaning and servicing. GEMÜ multi-port valve block systems are multi-functional units. At the same time, they have minimized the number of fittings and welded and solvent cemented joints, leading to a reduction in potential leakage points.

Customer benefits

  • Customized plant design
  • Extremely compact valve solution
  • Shorter installation times
  • System integration possible, e.g. sensor system
  • Increased plant reliability thanks to fewer connection points


Stainless steel


Plastic extendable

Ultra pure plastic