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When it comes to process solutions relating to 'new food', we at GEMÜ are
your expert and reliable partner.

From cell cultivation for meat or milk to the cultivation of fungi, yeasts or algae, GEMÜ offers intelligent valve solutions for your precision fermentation. We support you from the laboratory phase to commercial production, with valves, measurement and control systems in stainless steel and from the single-use range.

Designing your processes safely, efficiently and cost-effectively is our top priority. 


Our kitchen


Your recipe:

Special delicacy – sterility, process reliability and optimal growth conditions for the cells.

Our ingredient:

Use a selection of aseptic valves from our extensive product range and add an actuator of your choice: Manual, pneumatic or motorized.


Media preparation

Your recipe:

Sterilized culture medium as a main dish, prepared in an unusual manner.

Our ingredient:

As preparation, use a wide range of valves for sterile applications.


Laboratory and analytical engineering

Your recipe:

Sterility and flexibility in a harmonious partnership, conjured up under the most stringent requirements

Our ingredient:

In addition to a standard single-use product range, customized aromas and combinations of these in ready-to-use solutions contribute to a unique result with all possible nuances.


Product preparation

Your recipe:

Excellent product preparation, with the taste enhanced by separation and filtration.

Our ingredient:

Your thirst for fluid functionalities will be sated by the use of high-quality ingredients like the saving of space and deadleg optimization, as well as a tiny pinch of cleaning costs – united in the GEMÜ multi-port valves.


CIP/SIP processes

Your recipe:

Maximum efficiency with a hint of resource consumption as an aftertaste.

Unsere Zutat:

Intelligent diaphragm valves and globe valves honed with positioners or process controllers give the process a reproducible taste experience.



Water treatment

Your recipe:

High-quality water as a 'luxury food' for the process.

Our ingredient:

High-quality diaphragm valves, globe valves, butterfly valves and ball valves are a crowning achievement.


Heating and cooling systems

Your recipe:

Heating and cooling media for the bioreactor served as required.

Our ingredient:

Automation-capable globe valves, butterfly valves and ball valves are served as an intermediate course.

 Our components for your optimal process solution:

❯ Aseptic valves

GEMÜ offers diaphragm valves and diaphragm globe valves for sterile applications. These are based on the valve type with minimal deadleg, and are distinguished by the hermetic separation of the medium from the actuator. Only two components therefore come into contact with the working medium: The shut-off diaphragm and the valve body. Due to the various body configurations, several functions can also be implemented in the smallest of spaces. Diaphragm globe valves from GEMÜ unite the advantages of diaphragm valves and globe valves, and are also suitable for aseptic control and dosing applications due to the PD technology.


•        GEMÜ 650 BioStar

•        GEMÜ 567 and F40

•        GEMÜ P600M und P600S

❯ Single-use

GEMÜ offers diaphragm valves for single-use applications. These are designated as single-use valves and are used if it is crucial to avoid cross-contamination or if a simplified plant design is required. Cleaning and sterilization (CIP/SIP) are no longer necessary in single-use systems and processes. The required purity is ensured by sterilization using gamma rays, X-rays or electrons.


•        GEMÜ SU40 SUMONDO

•        GEMÜ SU60 SUMONDO

•        GEMÜ Q40 and Q30

❯ Utilities

GEMÜ offers the most varied solutions for auxiliary processes, such as ball valves, globe valves and butterfly valves. Ball valves are especially appropriate if a full bore is required, and can also be used in extreme circumstances. Due to the linear movement and favourable mechanical conditions, globe valves often take on automated tasks.
Butterfly valves are most frequently required for large dimensions or if simple isolation is needed. In the right material combination, they are also suitable for slightly abrasive media.


•        GEMÜ B22

•        GEMÜ 555

•        GEMÜ R481 VICTORIA

❯ Secret ingredient

Are you questioning the efficiency of the process in your recipe?


We have a secret ingredient for you:
Our CONEXO software, which allows you to design your maintenance quickly, efficiently and cost-effectively. As a special dessert, CONEXO also offers the digitalization of datasheets, certificates and documentation.


Cultivated Meat with GEMÜ (EN)

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