Single-Use Solutions

Single-Use Solutions

If you are looking for single-use application components, GEMÜ is the right partner for you. We advise customers, design and produce our standard product range, as well as creating individual solutions on a case by case basis

GEMÜ SUMONDO Multiport – single-use diaphragm valves in the smallest of spaces

Combine various valves in a multi-port valve block and reduce deadlegs and space while also saving installation time. When designing the M-block solution, we consider your individual process requirements.

Application examples

  • Chromatography
  • Media mixing
  • Fermentation
  • Cell harvesting
  • Purification
  • Filtration

With the GEMÜ SUMONDO Multiport the actuator is permanently installed in the system. The medium is hermetically sealed from the actuator using the tried and tested GEMÜ SUMONDO functional principle. Unlike with a conventional M-block diaphragm valve, the two media-wetted components (valve body and diaphragm) are sealed together. This produces the central component, the single-use valve body, which is removed from the manual operator and disposed of after a single use.

GEMÜ single-use system – a complete ready-to-use plant section

Do you want to form a complete plant section? GEMÜ offers expert advice, design and production of individual flowpath solutions – as well as disposables and permanently installed plant components. We support you with:

  • Flowpath calculations
  • Qualification of the complete system
  • Integration of purchased parts such as sensors, adapters etc.
  • Production in the cleanroom
  • X-ray sterilization of your flowpath configuration
  • Transport-validated delivery

Benefit from the numerous benefits of a system solution:

  • Improved batch control for end customers
  • Reduced risk of cross contamination
  • Lower production costs
  • Limited production downtimes
  • Faster and simpler setup
  • Reduced cleaning costs

Customized plant components

In our cleanroom plant in Emmen in Switzerland we have gained a lot of experience in the manufacture of ultra pure single-use products. In addition to our core competence in valve technology, we have now expanded our portfolio and offer additional individually manufactured single-use plant components, such as, for example:

  • Mixers
  • Distribution plates
  • Fittings
  • Sensor blocks
  • Sensor holders

Insights into the production of single-use solutions in the GEMÜ cleanroom plant

At GEMÜ, we place great importance on high product quality. This is why we have established stringent quality assurance measures at our cleanroom manufacturing in Switzerland, meaning that we can comply with important requirements.

  • Quality management systems
    • Manufactured in accordance with GMP
    • Compliance with ISO 9001
    • Manufacturing site is registered with the FDA
    • TSE/BSE-free production
    • Transport validation as per ISTA
  • Cleanroom manufacturing and assembly in cleanroom class 6 according to EN ISO 14644-1
    • Contamination control
    • Access control
  • Radiation sterilization (X-ray)

Also discover our single-use standard components

Single-Use Valves               

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