Process solenoid valves

Valves with an electromagnetic actuator

Process solenoid valves

 Our company founder, Fritz Müller, developed the world's first process solenoid valve made from plastic over 55 years ago. Over the years, GEMÜ has continuously built on its expertise in this area. In addition to valves with other actuator systems, we still also offer process solenoid valves for inert, corrosive, gaseous and liquid media.

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The optimal valves for fast cycle duties

All valves that are actuated with an electromagnetic actuator and used during the process are designated into the category of process solenoid valves. They are often used in dosing applications because they have ultra-fast cycle duties.

Application examples

  • Water treatment plants, washing and cleaning installations
  • Plants for the food and foodstuff industries, the chemical industry and electroplating
  • Equipment for the photographic industry, laboratory, analytical and medical apparatus

Innovative double bellows principle for higher operating pressures

In the case of solenoid valves, short-stroke globe valves are the valve type generally used. However, due to the limited force of the magnet, process solenoid valves are usually only used at low operating pressures. GEMÜ has therefore developed a patented double bellows system which compensates for pressure forces. As a result, the GEMÜ M75 process solenoid valve can be used across all nominal sizes, even at an operating pressure of 6 bar – all while using the same compact solenoid actuator. Watch the video to see how the pressure compensation works compared to conventional solenoid valves:

Pilot valves also have a solenoid actuator but are only used to actuate pneumatic actuators. GEMÜ also offers a wide range in this area. Take a look at the product overview