GEMÜ outlet and tank valves

Optimized draining and minimal deadlegs

GEMÜ outlet and tank valves

Tank valves are often welded to the lowest point in the base of the tank for use as outlet valves. This allows the tank to be fully drained, cleaned and sterilized. In addition to this, valves can also be fitted or welded to the tank cover, as well as fitted or welded to the tank wall.


Minimal deadleg

The unique sealing weir of the GEMÜ valve body sits very tightly against the tank wall, meaning that the dead space in the tank itself is kept to an absolute minimum. The geometry has been designed with special kidney-shaped contours in such a way that the tanks can be optimally drained, cleaned and sterilized.

Customer specifications

To ensure that the outlet or tank valve fulfils the strict requirements of sterile applications, GEMÜ also offers customized designs alongside its standard versions. You can use our P600B specification sheet to formulate your tank valve requirements and then get in touch with your contact partner.

Customer benefits

  • Compact design
  • Manufactured from a single piece -> optimized draining and minimal deadleg
  • Internal surface contour mechanically polished and/or electropolished down to Ra 0.25 µm
  • CIP/SIP-capable and sterilizable

Technical data

  • DN 4-100 (GEMÜ diaphragm sizes 8-100)
  • Standard valve body material: 1.4435 (316L), other materials on request
  • Butt weld spigots, clamps, union ends and other connections available
  • Available with manual, pneumatic or motorized operators.


The tank valve in stainless steel, GEMÜ P600B, comprises one or more diaphragm valve seats. It is possible to choose between manual, pneumatic and motorized actuator versions. The downstream media is isolated using a diaphragm.

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