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  • General information
  • For sterile and hygienic applications
  • For abrasive and contaminated media

Top GEMÜ quality for all sterile and industrial applications

GEMÜ manufactures, installs and delivers diaphragms for full bore diaphragm valves and diaphragm valves with a sealing weir.

The following applies in relation to all original GEMÜ diaphragms:

  • Production and quality control in accordance with high GEMÜ standards
  • Special compound in accordance with original GEMÜ specifications and in-house development of the compound
  • Testing on our own test rigs, in accordance with the requirements of the pharmaceutical sector among others
  • Manufacture by the GEMÜ group or through certified suppliers with connections to GEMÜ going back many years

For sterile and hygienic applications: seal system

GEMÜ developed its seal system for diaphragm valves with a sealing weir up to DN100 over three decades ago. A circular sealing bead in the valve body creates a defined external sealing point. This minimizes the ring-shaped gap between the diaphragm and the valve body and makes this seal system particularly suitable for applications in the pharmaceutical, biotechnology and cosmetics industries.

Available materials: EPDM, PTFE (no industrial standard but improved composition)/EPDM; further materials depending on the scope of application

Traceability of GEMÜ diaphragms

GEMÜ diaphragms for diaphragm valves in the weir-type design can be ordered individually packed with an inspection certificate and thus traced. With our GEMÜ CONEXO system, we also offer captive identification – even after removal from the packaging or from the warehouse. This involves the relevant diaphragm being equipped with an RFID chip. IT infrastructure comprising a mobile and stationary software solution is also required. Thanks to serialisation, the components are uniquely traceable and can be identified in the plant at any time using an RFID reader.

For abrasive and contaminated media: Full bore diaphragm valves and lined diaphragm valves

The minimal deadleg internal contour and the support of the diaphragm by a compressor provides optimum flow conditions and the best seal properties on GEMÜ full bore diaphragm valves. Lined diaphragm valves from GEMÜ combined with a suitable seal material offer even better resistance to numerous lyes, acids and other corrosive, abrasive and contaminated media.

Available materials: NBR, CR, natural rubber and EPDM

GEMÜ Code 13
Code 13
100 ° C
-10 ° C
GEMÜ Code 14
Code 14
90 ° C
-10 ° C
GEMÜ Code 17
Code 17
100 ° C
-10 ° C
GEMÜ Code 2
Code 2
100 ° C
-10 ° C
GEMÜ Code 36
Code 36
GEMÜ Code 4
Code 4
90 ° C
-10 ° C
GEMÜ Code 4A
Code 4A
90 ° C
-10 ° C
GEMÜ Code 52
Code 52
6 bar
100 ° C
-10 ° C
GEMÜ Code 5A
Code 5A
100 ° C
-10 ° C