Steam pressure table

for water

Steam pressure table

In order to be able to design and handle a plant in the best way possible, the interaction between pressure and temperature MUST be taken into account for the working medium that is steam. Therefore, GEMÜ has compiled a table that corresponds to the "Pressure/Temperature diagram". However, this table is merely an initial reference point, because the values only relate to saturated steam.

Taking all operating parameters into account

Please ensure that you also take all the relevant physical and chemical properties of your plant into account. Other media, or even steam containing additives/impurities, can lead to significantly altered values. Particularly when there are high concentrations of corrosive media, we advise our customers to carry out their own series of tests and draw up a media-specific table. This applies similarly for flow velocity, which can also have a major effect on the values and should therefore also be taken into account.
Some general information and correlations are summarised on the Valve selection tool page.


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