GEMÜ Q50 eSyStep

Motorized pinch valve

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The GEMÜ Q50 eSyStep 2/2-way pinch valve is motorized. The eSyStep electric actuator is available as ON/OFF or with integrated positioner. The valve guides a tube which is compressed from above by a compressor to control and regulate media. The compressor's specially developed contour and the tube holder's contour minimize the strain on the tube and thus increase the tubes' service life. Tubes can be safely inserted and removed in simple steps and without tools. An optical and electrical position indicator is integrated as standard.

  • Open/close function or with integrated positioner
  • Linear or modified equal-percentage control characteristics
  • Parameterizable via IO-Link
  • On-site or remote end position programming via programming input
  • Fast, safe tube replacement
  • Simple replacement of inserts and compressors for various tube sizes with the same actuator
  • Minimized strain on the tube due to the optimized compressor
  • Several installation options possible in the plant thanks to the mounting flange or female thread on the body
  • Media temperature:Please observe the tube manufacturer's specifications
  • Ambient temperature:Actuator: 0 to 60 °C, Tube: Please observe the tube manufacturer's specifications
  • Operating pressure:max. 6 bar, Please observe the tube manufacturer's specifications
  • Tube outside diameter:1/4'' | 3/8'' | 7/16'' | 1/2'' | 5/8'' | 3/4'' | 7/8''
  • Tube's inside diameter:1/8'' | 1/4'' | 3/8'' | 1/2''
  • Body materials:1.4404/PA6 | PA6
  • Supply voltage:24 V DC
  • Actuating speed:max. 3 mm/s
  • Protection class:IP 65
  • Conformity:EAC