GEMÜ specialist advice

Application and process oriented

GEMÜ specialist advice

Whether designers, equipment builders, OEMs or manufacturers: GEMÜ is keen to provide its customers with optimum support when designing the valve, measurement and control systems in their plant.

GEMÜ always starts its comprehensive consulting process by asking questions, observing and analysing.

Directly at plant level

GEMÜ consultants therefore travel directly to existing and potential customers in 53 countries across the globe to work together in drafting the necessary specifications. Supported by GEMÜ experts from various specialist fields and application engineers, advisors then determine the optimum solution for the respective process requirements.

Fast accessibility

Alongside External Sales advisors, GEMÜ also has further contacts available. Internal Sales, for example, clarifies commercial questions pertaining to quotes and orders and also answers technical questions where possible.

Transfer of expertise

GEMÜ application and product training courses have enjoyed great popularity for decades, including from the customer's perspective. Both basic knowledge and advanced process information can be acquired here. The three-tier training system has a modular structure and supports new entrants or people changing careers just as effectively as experienced specialists.