GEMÜ research and development

Customer solutions and new products

GEMÜ research and development

In dialogue with customers, development partners and educational establishments, GEMÜ continuously invests in product optimization and new product developments.

The GEMÜ Group annually invests approx. 5% of its turnover in research and development. The focus here is on the GEMÜ Dome Development and Innovation Centre in Waldzimmern, Germany. Over 100 employees from Development, Design, Product Management and Technical Coordination are responsible for product specifications at this location.

New technologies

"An idea is only useful if you make something of it!" This quote from Fritz Müller guides the work of the technicians and engineers in the "Dome". The employees at the Centre work on new technologies and test new products. Ultimately, however, each product must prove itself in testing, quality assurance and of course during actual use by customers.

Customer orientation

Numerous GEMÜ products have been and are being created through direct collaboration with customers. Development partnerships, such as the one that led to the GEMÜ SUMONDO single-use diaphragm valve, stand for market and future-oriented new products here. At the same time, special valves such as customized multi-port valve blocks are created on a daily basis. In the field of medical systems, GEMÜ Switzerland is an engineering and production partner for plastic parts.