Quality policy

Quality policy

Our quality policy has been stipulated by our company management. Since 1995, GEMÜ Germany has been committed to consistently applying and continuously improving the quality management system according to DIN EN ISO 9001. In the years that followed this was also implemented at all subsidiaries. Since 2006, the production site (Emmen) in Switzerland has been certified according to EN ISO 13485 in addition to DIN EN ISO 9001. Our quality policy sets out the framework for our quality objectives and is regularly reviewed to makes sure that it is still adequate and fit for purpose.

For us, quality encompasses not just the quality of the products themselves, but also the quality of each individual process step. We are committed to understanding our customers' requirements in order to provide them with suitable, high-quality solutions. Our products and solutions are designed to help our customers succeed in the market.

Processes and improvement

One of the objectives of our processes is to exceeding our customers' expectations. In order to ensure that we achieve this objective, our processes are regularly improved. These improvements are initiated by our employees, through audits or through external input. 

Customer satisfaction

Ensuring that our customers are satisfied is incredibly important to us as a business, which is why we regularly check that we are meeting their needs. 

We are continually working to improve product quality and supply reliability as well as our service, in order to further increase customer satisfaction. Customer feedback is an important tool that we can use to improve ourselves. 


Our employees are our most valuable asset. They have been chosen for their professional skills and personal qualities, and receive regular training for their continuous professional development. We encourage proactivity and responsibility at every level in the company hierarchy.


A chain is only as strong as its weakest link. This is why we seek to work with strong suppliers that share our commitment to quality and our appreciation of the importance of protecting the environment over and above simply turning a quick profit.

By working closely with our suppliers, we can offer them the support that they need in order to assist with their development so that they too can be part of our commitment to continuous improvement.