For determining the volumetric flow in a plant


With the help of a flowmeter, the volumetric flow of a liquid or gas that flows through a pipe can be determined. The GEMÜ range includes products with a variety of designs to cater to customer-specific requirements.

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GEMÜ flowmeter designs

Variable area flowmeter
A measuring float is lifted by the volumetric flow in a conical metering tube until equilibrium is achieved between the weight of the measuring float and the force caused by the flow resistance. The measuring float is lifted higher or lower according to the volumetric flow.

Limit switches and instrument sensors are available for integration into a plant control system.

Turbine flowmeters
A turbine wheel in the flowmeter is driven by the volumetric flow. The flow velocity can be determined by measuring the rotational speed. The measuring turbine provides various electrical output signals for further processing.

Magnetically inductive flowmeter
A magnetically inductive flowmeter is suitable only for electrically conductive media. The functional principle is based on Faraday's law of electromagnetic induction. Magnetically inductive flowmeters are very common and offer a high degree of measuring accuracy.

Ultrasonic flowmeter
For ultrasonic flowmeters, the flow is determined by contactless means with the help of audible signals. GEMÜ uses the phase difference method here. Two sensors opposite each other alternately send and receive ultrasonic signals. With a standing medium, both sensors receive the sent ultrasonic signals within the same phase, i.e. no difference in phase occurs. With a flowing medium, a phase shift takes place. This phase difference is directly proportional to the flow velocity. The flow volume is determined from the flow velocity and the pipe diameter particularly quickly and precisely.

Flow control with GEMÜ flowmeters

A flow control unit is achieved by combining flowmeters with our valves, positioners and process controllers. We would be happy to offer you our expertise in designing a unit for your plant.