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GEMÜ flowmeters

GEMÜ offers various flow measurement system designs:

Flowmeters according to variable area principle

Flowmeters according to variable area principle

Turbine flow transmitters

For measuring ranges from 2 to 20,000 l/h, suitable for attaching limit switches/instrument sensors and reed contacts for the detection and transmission of measured values.
high-purity versions
These can be used either as pure measuring turbines or as totalizers or batch controllers for measuring ranges from 120 to 25,000 l/h. The measuring turbines provide various electrical output signals for further processing.

Magnetically inductive flowmeters

SonicLine® ultrasonic flowmeter

This rounds off the product portfolio. It can be used for nominal sizes of DN 25 – 300. Its electronic system enables precise adjustment to operating conditions. Interfaces such as R232 and Profibus-DP enable uncomplicated integration in fully automatic plant control systems.
For corrosive and ultra pure media. The device has no moving parts in the medium flow and, depending on the nominal size, has a measuring range from 0.03 to 120 l/min (0.5 to 2000 ml/sec).