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Valve configurations

Improved drainability

GEMÜ offers three different ways of achieving increased functionality in the smallest of spaces:

  • Two valves welded together: W600
  • Two seats in one valve body with three pipe connections: i-bodies 
  •  Any number of seats with any number of connections: M600 multi-port valve block systems

W600: Renders T fittings superfluous

The GEMÜ W600 valve configuration is based on the use of two valve bodies that are directly welded to one another, whose arrangement is matched to the respective application. The benefits of this approach are as follows:

  •  More affordable and minimal deadleg, since no T fittings are required
  • Minimal deadleg, since there are two fewer weld seams

i-bodies: Cost effective alternative to M600 multi-port valve blocks

GEMÜ i-bodies are a special version of the classic 2/2-way bodies. "i" stands for integrated sampling, steam and condensate valve. The valve bodies are manufactured from a forged blank or a piece of block material. The major advantages of i-bodies over standard sampling or condensate valves are as follows:

  •  Minimal deadleg, since fewer welds
  • Additional functionality; horizontal spigot available
  • Draining possible in vertical installation position as per the 3D rule
  • Pneumatic and manual operators are available for both valve seats