GEMÜ company management

A second generation fascinated by technology

GEMÜ company management

The second generation

It was with ingenuity and entrepreneurial foresight that Fritz Müller built up the GEMÜ Group. Shortly before the company's 50th anniversary, he then officially handed over his life's work to the second generation. Since then, his son Gert Müller, as Managing Partner, and Gert's cousin Stephan Müller, as Director, have been steering the family-owned company towards the future.

Owner-led and independent family enterprise

GEMÜ is and will remain an independent family-owned enterprise. The family shareholders guarantee consistency and embody a corporate culture shaped by sustainability. This culture also ensures that the company's employees are an essential part of the business. This is expressed through mutual respect, appreciation and support – all values that are actively embodied in day-to-day work.

Sustainable, entrepreneurial action

The GEMÜ management team asks and encourages their staff to act independently and ensures that employees have the design freedom to do so. Business decisions are made with sustainability and long-term success in mind. As a result, GEMÜ offers its customers, employees and business partners a safe prospect for the future.