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A combination of two innovative technologies

Hermetic separation and good controllability:
Are these not mutually exclusive?

Definitely not, thanks to the unique sealing concept – PD technology – which is used as the basis for the GEMÜ F60 servoDrive filling valve and the GEMÜ 567 servoDrive control valve. This has been developed by GEMÜ in order to combine the advantages of diaphragm valves with those of globe valves.

The valve's geometry allows for a hermetic separation of the actuator from the media flow, high flow rates and a high level of control accuracy. Thanks to the highly resistant PTFE TFMTM seal material, the valves can be used for corrosive media, and those containing oil or grease, and are best suited to CIP/SIP processes.


Fast servo actuator with extensive control functions

In the past, pneumatically operated diaphragm valves, and peristaltic or piston pumps were often used for hygienic and aseptic filling. Thanks to the motorized servo actuator for GEMÜ F60 and 567 servoDrive filling valves, which is made entirely of stainless steel, you can achieve a whole new dimension of accuracy and speed.In addition to the real-time control and the integrated control functionalities, the linear actuator also stands out thanks to the high positioning accuracy and speed. The GEMÜ servoDrive provides quick, precise dosing at operating pressures up to 7 bar. Thanks to freely programmable control and filling curves, it can be individually adapted to customer-specific requirements, such as changing containers or different fill volumes.


Freely programmable control and filling curves allow for greater flexibility

Advantages to you

  • Precise filling of minimal volumes
    thanks to a precise dosing accuracy of +/- 0.5%


  • Process reliability
     thanks to a high level of reproducibility of +/- 0.5%


  • Large distribution quantity
    thanks to fast filling cycles of < 1 second


  • Low costs
    thanks to a long motor service life of > 50 million cycle duties


  •  Low maintenance requirements
    thanks to the simple replacement of wear parts
    (cartridge replacement in < 2 minutes)


  • Good cleanability
    thanks to resistant materials and cavity-free design


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GEMÜ F60 servoDrive | Time-pressure dosing of minimal volumes

One of the most important factors for the pharmaceutical industry is extremely accurate dosing of media. Fast, highly accurate filling valves are therefore required for filling minimal volumes. The GEMÜ F60 servoDrive filling valve enables precise dosing at high switching frequencies.

When filling injection vials, the GEMÜ F60 servoDrive controls the supply of media to the dosing needle. This means that the tank pressure and filling level are kept constant by a pump and sensors.

Filling minimal volumes with the GEMÜ F60 servoDrive enables exact dosing processes at high speed, resulting in a high throughput of samples.


GEMÜ 567 servoDrive | Adding brine to nutrient solutions

When manufacturing medicines, ensuring consistent quality and an accurate ratio of mixture in the substances is crucial. The GEMÜ 567 servoDrive control valve ensures exact control, even when processing minimal volumes.

When adding brine to nutrient solutions, the substance is dosed using a supply line in the main pipe. Pumps and the level measurement ensure the amount of medium in the tank is consistent. A flowmeter measures the required volume of the medium and this is dosed precisely using the GEMÜ 567 servoDrive control valve. The flow of media in the main pipe is also determined and kept constant using a flowmeter.
Both the flowmeter and the GEMÜ 567 servoDrive are connected to the machine control system, thereby ensuring the volume of the substance in the main pipe remains constant.


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