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Sustainability and responsibility at GEMÜ

The very first GEMÜ product in 1964, a plastic solenoid valve, combined economical and material-saving aspects: 50% less material and a significantly longer service life than conventional valves.

Voluntary commitment

The company founder, Fritz Müller, and his employees abided by this approach, and the next generation, Gert and Stephan Müller, continues to pursue it. In 2011, all sustainable activities were consolidated under the GREEN ENGINEERING initiative. The premise of this initiative is that GEMÜ will use as little material and energy as possible for developing, manufacturing, processing and transporting its products.

Focus on results

GEMÜ implements and documents progress by raising awareness among its employees and through the use of indicators and state-of-the-art technology. The indicators are checked annually, in particular at those German sites where the largest distribution quantities in the group are produced, assembled and distributed. These indicators are also audited by external experts as part of certification in accordance with ISO 14001. Levels of consumption are also regularly checked during the year, to enable the company to react to possible increases in consumption and their causes at an early stage.

Employee protection and social responsibility

Sustainability at GEMÜ comprises not only environmental protection but also occupational safety and preventative healthcare measures and support for social projects by the respective sites. Examples include reducing the use of hazardous substances in production processes, various health promotion campaigns.